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    20% of profits go towards the cause that you chews. Join the Fight!

    Our customers and their dogs mean the most to us. That’s why we 100% guarantee our products to last.

    "Our dog loves the (Beba) toy!."
    -JJ Abrams
    “BEST DOG TOY EVER!!!! My Bella LOVES hers and it is amazing that she cannot destroy it.... It will be the last toy you ever have to buy for your dog.... believe me, we wasted so much money on other toys, only to have her chew right through them in 15 minutes -- it was like pouring money down the drain. Never had to buy any other toys for her since she has her “Chews Your Cause” Beba Toy and she absolutely loves it!!!! We put treats inside and she plays for hours with it.”
    -Debbie Zaura
    "My little Tobi LOVES his nebo! I picked one up while I was on a business trip on the east coast...feeling like a guilty momma. Best ever!"
    - Lauren Fukuda
    "Chloe loves her pink Nebo :)"
    - Evelyn Nguyen
    "My dog loves them!"
    - Sheryl Woodhouse
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    While attending college at the University of California at Santa Barbara, three students (including myself) met inside the Harold Frank hall to learn that we would be creating a “fake” product along with a “fake” company for our course in entrepreneurism. After many brainstorm sessions and a plethora of critical thinking, the team decided to stick with our first and most simple idea…a dog toy...
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